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Top 10
Week 1
1 -
Daenerys Targaryen

She's back in Westeros, in her birth home, and sitting pretty on a big ol' stack of dragon glass.

2 -
The Night's King

No big changes here other than he has several Wights that are giants. That's big time.

3 5
Arya Stark

Wiped out an entire house in one dinner. Got a free Ed Sheeran concert. Got a rabbit dinner on the house. What a week!

4 -1
Jon Snow

Look, he's King in the North, he has the family pedigree (on both sides), and the experience to rule both the realm and our hearts.

5 -
Cersei Lannister

She's got a nice new mural and a crazy guy with a thousand ships trying to prove himself.

6 UR
Sam Tarley

Pros - If knowledge is power, then Sam has the most power of anyone right now. Cons - Cleaning up shit all the time.

7 UR
Euron Greyjoy

He's got a lot of boats and potentially pending nuptials with Cersei if he can make some moves.

8 2
Sansa Stark

Sick burn on old Petey (Little Finger).

9 -2
Bran Stark

He's on the right side of the wall.

10 UR
Ed Sheeran

Because who doesn't want to make a cameo on Game Of Thrones.

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